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RACE Engine Build & Upgrades

Crafting high-performance engines for sport cars or sport bikes demands intricate expertise, especially when dealing with specialised or unique engine types. It’s a task that necessitates specific knowledge, skills, and extensive experience.

Blueprinting stands as a vital step to achieve extended engine life and peak performance. This is why we handcraft our engines, meticulously selecting components that perfectly match and fit together, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Race engine components encompass a range of meticulously crafted parts uniquely designed to optimise performance in high-performance racing engines. These components are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, maximising power output and durability on the track.

Within our selection, you’ll find:

  • Pistons: Lightweight, high-strength components transferring power efficiently.
  • Connecting Rods: Robust links between pistons and the crankshaft, ensuring durability under intense forces.
  • Crankshafts: Precision-engineered to handle high-stress environments, transferring power seamlessly.
  • Camshafts: Fine-tuned to control valve timing, optimising airflow for enhanced performance.
  • Valvetrain Components: Valves, springs, retainers, and cam followers ensuring precise airflow control.
  • Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads: Reinforced structures with improved cooling, allowing for increased power handling.
  • Intake and Exhaust Systems: Designed for maximum airflow efficiency, enhancing overall engine performance.
  • Fuel System Components: Upgraded injectors, pumps, and lines ensuring precise fuel delivery.

Each of these components contributes significantly to enhancing power, reliability, and overall performance in a racing environment.


Classic Sport car Restoration

We work closely with our customers throughout the entire process to guarantee that the car’s integrity and historical pedigree are preserved while also maximising investment and making sure that our customers’ budgets are handled, expectations are met, and in most cases exceeded.

Working with the customer every step of the way ensures that the project runs smoothly and that the right decisions are made at key stages of the restoration project. We have more than 25 years experience working on restorations.

Depending on the condition of the car and the final result the customer wishes to achieve, a restoration may require several steps. We rebuild our engines and gearboxes in our mechanical facility, together with all suspension, electrical, renovation, and project assembly.

Classic Supercar Restoration
Bike repairs


Our workshop is committed to the highest standard of work. It is equipped to carry out a whole range of mechanical repairs, from general maintenance repairs (components update) to major damage where it requires engine and gearbox removal, full rebuild/tuning.

We are trained to a very high standard inheriting these skills and knowledge from the major manufacturers such as McLaren, Mercedes, Ducati and Honda. Our workshop provides professional tools, diagnostics and equipment to ensure that your vehicles are serviced and repaired to give them the power and endurance that they deserve.


Pricing Examples

As a general rule we work at £90/h excluding VAT
Engine rebuild
From £2500-Bikes/£7500-Cars

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All models of Supercars

All models of Superbikes

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Engine Rebuild/Tuning

Performance Work/Upgrades

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Engine Build or Repair? Upgraded component or Performance tuning? Our aim is the same – to provide the highest level of service you and your Supercar or Superbike deserve.


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