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McLaren Engine & Gearbox Specialists

At Race Engine Build, we’re here to ensure your McLaren receives the finest services available.

Our services encompass a wide spectrum, from engine to gearbox rebuilds, providing comprehensive solutions for your McLaren. Our portfolio boasts extensive work, including complete engine rebuilds for various McLaren models like the 570S, 720S, 675LT, 12C, GT-3, GT-4, 650, Senna, P1, and more. Our meticulous process involves replacing cylinder liners, pistons, valves, valve guides, and numerous other components, aimed at restoring the engine to its peak performance.

Here’s a refined list of services for McLaren we provide:

  1. McLaren Engine Rebuilds: Comprehensive restoration and rebuilding of McLaren engines to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  2. McLaren Engine Development: Customised development and enhancements for McLaren engines, tailored to meet specific performance needs and preferences.
  3. McLaren Transmission Repair: Specialised repair services focusing on McLaren transmissions, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  4. McLaren Race Preparation: Dedicated race-focused preparations, fine-tuning, and enhancements for McLaren, optimising performance for track use.
McLaren GT4 engine rebuild
Mclaren Engine

McLaren Engine Rebuilds

Engine building involves intricate steps, especially when dealing with specialised or unconventional engines. This demanding task necessitates specific expertise, honed skills, and years of hands-on experience.

McLaren Gearbox Repair

Is your McLaren experiencing gearbox issues? We possess the skills and knowledge to diagnose, repair, and fine-tune McLaren gearboxes to the highest standards.

McLaren Repairs

Our workshop is committed to the highest standard of work. It is equipped to carry out a whole range of mechanical repairs, from general maintenance repairs (components update) to major damage.

Looking for specialists to work on your McLaren?

We have over 25 years of experience working on many models of McLaren which have included McLaren 570S, 720S, 675LT, 12C, GT-3, GT-4, Senna and more.
Our aim is the same – to provide the highest level of service you and your McLaren deserve whether it is for a McLaren engine build, engine tuning or repair.