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Aston Martin Specialists

Here at Race Engine Build, we offer professional, bespoke services for modern and classic Aston Martin cars. We have engine tuned & serviced for models from DB5 to DB11 and many more. Prices start from £420 excl. VAT for an annual service!

All Mechanical work

Aston Martin Engine & Gearbox Rebuild

Here at Race Engine Build we offer all types engine repair work for your Aston Martin to the highest standards.

Whether you are in need of a small repair to a full engine or gearbox rebuild, restore to the original specification or to a race prepared engine and gearbox, we offer a wide range of services for your classic or modern Aston Martin. Examples of our work include full engine rebuild of the Inline 6 cylinder, where we have restored the engine back to its’ best. We have also rebuilt the V8 and V12 engines. Moreover, we are able to provide small engine replacements such as the V12 front pulley replacement which sounds as the engine has a heavy knocking noise. We can accommodate your needs for your Aston Martin.   

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Aston Martin Servicing

Race Engine Build specialise in engine work, however we also are able and have many years of experience working on fault finding and repairs to the vehicle. We have some of the latest diagnostic equipment and extensive experience working with the older carburetor Aston Martin models which using SU Carburetors in need of repair or setting up correctly for example.

Prices start from £420 excl. VAT for an annual service & £590 excl. VAT for a major service. Service requirements may vary due to the age of the vehicle.

Weather your Classic Aston Martin has been sat for sometime and you are finding a brake binding problem we are able to repair, service and adjust your Aston Martin brakes back to full working order.

We also cover any suspension faults, failures, knocking noise coming from such as a leaking shock absorber, broken spring or in need of a suspension bush which has to be replaced due to wear or age.

Aston Martin Engine Rebuild

Engine building is a complex process, especially when the work is on specialised or unusual engines. Such work requires particular knowledge as well as time-served skills and experience.

Aston Martin Servicing

The majority of supercar owners will utilise an official dealer to maintain or repair their vehicle, which can be a very expensive route to obtain a set menu of service or repair. We offer an extremely cost-effective servicing option.

Aston Martin Repairs

Our workshop is committed to the highest standard of work. It is equipped to carry out a whole range of mechanical repairs, from general maintenance repairs (components update) to major damage.

Looking for specialists to work on your Aston Martin?

We have over 25 years of experience working on many models of Aston Martin which have included DB5, DB6 ,DB9, DBS & more.
Our aim is the same – to provide the highest level of service you and your Aston Martin deserve whether it is for an Aston Martin engine build, gearbox rebuild, service or repair.