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We offer all mechanical work, race preparation and much more – any special requirement from a standard/classic supercar to full race specification

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Welcome To Our Supercar Workshop

REB are delighted to be able to offer professional, bespoke services for high value, high-performance cars from classic to modern.

We have extensive knowledge gained through more than 25 years of experience of working with supercars in all areas from supercar servicing and diagnostics, engine repairs and upgrades up to a complete engine rebuild and car repair.

We have worked for some of the greatest supercar manufacturers, including McLaren and Mercedes, and have adopted their dedicated, highly professional approach to business.

All work undertaken by REB is customised to your requirements and is completed to the highest standard.

We are specialists in all aspects of McLaren engines, but can provide repairs and upgrades/development on all major supercars and classic cars, including Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes- Benz AMG, BMW M- series, Nissan GT-R, Audi R/RS/S, classic cars and more.

Engine Maintenance


Our Focus

Engine Build, Race preparation or Repair? Upgraded component or Performance tuning? Our aim is the same – to provide the highest level of service you and your Supercar or Superbike deserve!

– Full engine rebuild
– Performance upgrades including reverse engineering & parts remanufacturing
– Timing chain replacement
– Camshaft repair
– VVT issues
– Diagnostics & repair of low oil pressure
– Diagnostics & repair of knocking/tapping engine

Supercar Engines 

– Full gearbox rebuild & replacement
– Minor repair
– Bearing whining noise
– Poor gear selection
– Inability to select gears
– Clanking/knocking noise

Supercar Gearboxes

– Pre-race vehicle service, diagnostics, inspection & report
– component upgrades
– post event maintenance
– conversions

Supercar Race


– All mechanical repairs
– Diagnostics & Faults
– Engine & transmission removal / repair
– Carburettor overhaul/setting and adjustment

Supercar Repairs


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Pricing Examples

As a general rule we work at £90/h excluding VAT for a routine service.
Supercar Race Preparation
On application

Price Example

Pre-race set up
Diagnostic & Inspection Report
Post event maintenance
Track Day Support
Car Conversions

Engine rebuild
From £7500

Price Example

All models of Supercars

Gearbox Rebuild

Diagnostic&Inspection Report

Engine Rebuild/Tuning

Performance Work/Upgrades

Customer Support


Our Blog

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