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BMW M5 F10 full engine rebuild

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M5 Competition repair

Here is another project, one of my favourite ones.
BMW M5 F10 2017 competition complete engine rebuild, coding modules & reprogramming the full car.
The main problem with the car: water ingress into engine – non runner!
We have pumped out more than 10 litres of water out of the plenums.

As a result it had bent con rods…………
So we have replaced:
– Con rods
– Pistons
– Gaskets
– Bolts
– Rebuild the turbos
– All bearings
– Timing chain kit

In addition, one of the headlights was also drowned and required replacing & coding a new module to the car.
It showed more than 35 faults on our diagnostic and programming equipment initially. After engine rebuild, headlight module replacement we have reprogrammed the full car.
It has been one of the most exciting projects we have done. The car is back to live, the engine is like brand new and I am a big fan of M series now after covering just over 4000 miles since this work.

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